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Alpha Scroll May 4, 2022

This is what has been going on in the Metaverse today. The hottest news from the Twitter Influencers, The Punks, The Kongz, and other exclusive discords. All hand delivered to you for being a Samurai.

General News

Opensea daily volume ended up at $124 million while ETH dropped below $2800.

Floors for Otherdeeds continued to drop as Yuga/BAYC has yet to reveal their plans for the project.

Something Token, Murakami Flowers, and Murakami Flower Seeds were the big winners of the day (due to their reveals).

Elon Musk changed his profile photo on Twitter to the Christie’s bored ape collection.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/elonmusk https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1521807738317066240 https://twitter.com/xBenJamminx/status/1521796588980654086

As the dust finally appears to be settling from The Otherside mint this past weekend, Phantom Network has taken over as the next mint locking up massive amounts of market liquidity.

While they have been widely regarded by most as a great opportunity if you have the ETH, criticisms similar to those of Moonbirds and The Otherside mints have peppered the discussions surrounding Phantom today as well.

The Alpha on Unminted Projects
  • Blur: Today we saw a great deal of chatter in the channels about this upcoming NFT marketplace alternative. The team comes from MIT, Five Rings, Brex, and Y Combinator. They recently received $11M in funding from Paradigm and will be using that to build Blur. Among other things, they are planning to build a real-time feed of NFT activity and metadata reveals. Nearly all of our channels are buzzing about this one.

  • Phantom Network: Yet again we see a ton of discussion on this as we approach the public Dutch auction mint this evening at 8PM PST. Speculations are flying on what the floor will be; claims are conservatively 5-6 and optimistically 7-8 ETH FP. Still expected to sell out almost immediately at 2 ETH starting price.

  • Mindblowon: Strong bullish sentiment for this upcoming project minting on May 6 continues to grow. Those without WL are desperately trying to win or earn it. Expected to perform quite well after liquidity is released following the Phantom Network mint. 1.5-2 ETH FP speculated.

The Alpha on Minted Projects
  • Something Token: This project by Jake Frey (of ProbablyNothing and AmericanaNFT) recently announced they raised $6.9M in funding; Opensea was among the investors. Price has already jumped but is expected to climb as this partnership develops further. Currently sitting at a 0.22 ETH FP.

  • Murakami Flowers: revealed today. The project caught some FUD on Twitter due to Takashi Murakami sniping rares to set the market.

Tweet: https://twitter.com/thatguygeo/status/1521690301030563841

Samurai Guys Alpha
  • NFT World Building Team Search: We are on the lookout for a building team to help us create our Daisho Dynasty game on NFT World #1405! If you know any good ones, please reach out!

  • New Manga Website Page: Check out the new manga page on our main website to learn about the Samurai Guys story and lore of our deep world! 6/9 parts are released right now and will continue to be stealth dropped.

  • Game Night: Poker Edition: Thank you to everyone who came to our last game night! Money was won, and friendships were made! Due to popular demand from our community, we will be playing POKER at the next game night on Saturday 5/7/22. Keep a look out on announcements for the time :)

  • Special Twitter Space Tomorrow: Keep a lookout for a special Twitter space we may be joining tomorrow!

  • Royal Blessings: Remember, the top 10 engagers in our Samurai Family will be given .5 eth EACH at 30% mint. Keep building that experience Samurais, and make some friends along the way!

Thank you so much again for all of you members, we really love and appreciate every one here and you guys seriously keep us going. Until tomorrow's alpha, Samurais!

Samurai Guys Team

We are not registered financial advisors. Information presented is for educational purposes only, and is not financial advice. Do your own research.

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