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Alpha Scroll May 3, 2022

This is what has been going on in the Metaverse today. The hottest news from the Twitter Influencers, The Punks, The Kongz, and other exclusive discords. All hand delivered to you for being a Samurai.

There persisted to be a lot of talks about the Bored Ape land sale throughout the day. Some people were in favor, and other majorly opposed. Some BAYC members have sold all of their assets related to Yuga labs in protest. In addition to this, Phantom Network continues to dominate conversation while a few other notable projects are beginning to gain interest.

The Alpha on Unminted Projects
  • BBRC: Mint announced for May 10. Talks in the discords seem to be positive for this one. People expect it to sell out fairly quickly with a healthy rise in FP on Opensea. Some traders believe in a 1 ETH floor price. The whitelist will be open until May 6. 0.12 ETH public raffle price.

  • Crypto Maze: This is a revolutionary game where they combine MMO style gameplay with Web3 integrations. People seem to really love the art of this project and it was built by a doxxed team. Discord is closed and whitepaper has yet to be released but we do recommend to get in on this project when you can.

  • Phantom Network: Once again lots of talks on Phantom Network, as people are very excited for the mint tomorrow. Traders still believe, as stated yesterday, that his project will sell out in minutes for that 2 ETH original mint price.

The Alpha on Minted Projects
  • Wavelength: The current floor is at .8 Ethereum. Many traders believe this to be a pretty good entry point. This is a project by Kaleb Johnston, an artist from New Zealand. There’s alpha of an expansion collection to be announced soon called “Orbs”. Orbs are expected to be airdropped to holders and many people may try to make a quick flip off of them.

Samurai Guys Alpha
  • NFT World Building Team Search: We are on the lookout for a building team to help us create our Daisho Dynasty game on NFT World #1405! If you know any good ones, please reach out!

  • New Manga Website Page: Check out the new manga page on our main website to learn about the Samurai Guys story and lore of our deep world! 6/9 parts are released right now and will continue to be stealth dropped.

  • Game Night Tomorrow: 5:30pm EST. Game chat. Be there. Thank you so much again for all of you members, we really love and appreciate every one here and you guys seriously keep us going. Until tomorrow's alpha, Samurais!

Samurai Guys Team

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