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Alpha Scroll May 2, 2022

Updated: May 3

This is what has been going on in the Metaverse today. The hottest news from the Twitter Influencers, The Punks, The Kongz, and other exclusive discords. All hand delivered to you for being a Samurai.

We saw a lot of discussion today around The Otherside. They burned over 50,000 ETH in their land mint (~$157M USD). The mint brought about a profit for Yuga Labs around $319M USD. Besides that, the The Phantom Network project finally released their mint details.

The Alpha on Unminted Projects

Phantom Network: Details were finally released for this hugely anticipated project. The public dutch auction will be on May 4th, beginning at 2 ETH and dropping by 0.05 ETH every 15 minutes until 0.1 ETH. People expect this to mint out fast, close to 2 ETH for all mints. Difference between mint and final mint out price will be refunded.

The Alpha on Minted Projects
  • ENS: These ENS domains have absolutely blasted off the past few days. Investors are making great profits off of 3 and 4 digit ENS domains. 5 digits are nearly minted out as well. Try and mint a funny word - it just might make you a lot of ETH

  • Azuki: This project has had hype around it for awhile now. Recently two developments have raised the bar. A trademark was registered for BEANZ BY CHIRU LABS for a certain kind of appliance. On top of this, the project tweeted a mysterious “May 5” earlier today with no context. This caused a small immediate pump in sales that has continued through the day.

  • Otherside: Obvious reasons for lots of talks to be around this project. Many people in discord alpha channels believe that this is a mid-long term hold. FP is expected to rise as more details are released to the public. Current price rests around 4 ETH.

  • WWW3: The ATH of 4 ETH, it has declined since to a resting 1.35 FP. Traders believe this to be a pretty good flip trade as it travels between 1 - 2 ETH FP.

Samurai Guys Alpha

• NFT World Purchase: We bought an NFT World! World #1405 will be the new home of the Samurai Guys Game "The Daisho Dynasty" Thank you to everyone of you in our community making this possible for us. You guys keep us going, and we will continue to deliver.

• Alpha Scroll Level Up: We created an external website for the Alpha Scrolls with a more clean UI and general aesthetic. Welcome to that website :)

• Spaces: Join our Twitter space with The Cyber Rhino Squad May 3rd at 6:00pm EST! They are a project focused on saving the Rhinos of the wild. Super charitable team. There will be giveaways on the call! Link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1nAKEYQjAnyKL

Samurai Guys Team

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